Trusting Your Photographer

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As much as authenticity is vital in creating epic portraiture, so is the element of something other worldly. This is why photographers shoot sessions during “the golden hour”. We try to capture light like hunters and will practically do back bends to get just the right angle, sunspot, and composition. This is where trust becomes a vital part of every session.

Give us all of the instruction, direction, and preferences you like, but then let us work our magic and get those epic, magically, other worldly images that you’ll keep forever.

The more families let go and let me have freedom, the better the images I produce (and there are usually way more of them). Don’t get me wrong, it’s super helpful and quite frankly, vital to communicate your style, family vibe, and hope for the session you have booked. However, it is equally important to trust your own judgement in selecting me as your photographer and to trust the process.

Having portraits taken can be very stressful and for some the camera is overwhelming. But, a good photographer has endless tricks to get your true smile, communicate the heart of your family, and create beautiful heirlooms that will be treasured forever.

All we need is your trust.

Kelly Mays