Genuine Moments

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One of the greatest challenges photographers have is to capture intimate moments between family members after meeting them for the first time at the photo-shoot! It’s possibly the most difficult component of quality family photography.

I never want a family to be tense or uncomfortable at a session, I also never want my families to feel pressure to perform. At the same time, I know, as do all photographers working with children and families, that parents want glowing smiles in their frame-able portraits. So how do we do both? Get genuine moments and frame-able smiles?

The trick is this: Time, Talent, and Timing….

I book very long session blocks for clients.

Often, even longer than the clients have purchased. I do this for 2 reasons, 1. It allows for the family to settle into the session and relax when they do not feel rushed… 2. Most of the best shots I’ve taken, were taken in the last 20 minutes of a session. The longer I can extend the session, the more likely it is that I’ll capture epic photos.

The second factor… talent…

I am a bit of a herder at my sessions… walking families to areas of parks or the beach to “play” or “hang out” in order to get the composition that I know will create a magical image.

The final factor in getting these epic shots is undeniably timing.

It’s all about the click. Finally… timing… specifically when I push that shutter will determine the feeling of the images. As photographers it is perhaps, the single most important factor in getting great images.

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Kelly Mays