Investing In Photography


This is a tough one. Families have a difficult time with the investment of custom portrait photography. Once in a while photographers offer a great deal… known to you as the “mini-session deal”, but I like to refer to it as a “mini-session” steal! It’s rare to get a decent booking with a talented photographer at a mini-session rate, but when your stars are aligned and you’re able to capitalize on one, take it! This blog is for the rest of us! Those who tried to book and missed out, or booked a mini-session that was less than satisfactory due to time constraints and lack of experience of the photographer.

As a photographer, part of my job is educating my clients in what they are paying for. Today, with stellar phone photos and easy, affordable printing companies, many parents take the “I could do this myself for way cheaper” approach. If that is you, more power to you! Professional photographers have invested mega bucks in equipment, education, software, mentors, and hours of time shooting to perfect their craft, instructional skills, and workflow from inquiry to delivery. There is much time spent behind the scenes and our performance at your session is high stakes, we want epic shots for you and for our portfolio and work hard to maximize our often limited session times to score a gallery we can proudly show you.

I try to breakdown my work hourly and then offer session fees and package options that reflect a fair wage for the time I spend on each client. For sessions outside of my niche, I tend to charge a bit more or a bit less, depending on whether or not I want to add those images to my gallery or the level of difficulty of the project.

I feel for my families who simply cannot afford a session. It’s the reason I offer mini-sessions and demi-sessions. I also always offer discounts to families in financial need and I often give bonus images to families to maximize their investment.

Kelly Mays